Welcome to my crappy home page!
Let's face it, I do this stuff for a living. I don't have time to maintain a home page.

On the other hand, since I do this stuff for a living, it's damn tempting to grab a whole bunch of code that I already wrote for other people, and put up a bunch of silly stuff, like a chat room, BBS, etc etc etc.

But I think that can be safely avoided.

Instead, I'll go with some pretty safe, boring stuff... at least for now...

Home Theater Project
Updated 5/13/2006
All the details about my upcoming home theater build. Mostly a diary about the project at this point, but lots of pretty pictures...
Photo Gallery
Updated 11/30/2004
Ok, until I rebuild this box and make the photo gallery the new home page, just keep clicking on this link, ok? Because I keep adding stuff to the gallery, and I don't always remember to updated here. Let's face it, the photo gallery's the closest thing to a blog you're gonna get out of me, so if you want content updates, they're gonna be in there.
Palindrome Generator!
Updated 12/13/2003
'Bout time I updated the page, eh? Once a year, that's all you get. Anyway, check this out. Neat, eh?
New business!
Updated 07/11/2002
Finally have gone out and started my own company, playdatabase.com. We're essentially trying to be the ultimate resouce for anyone who's ever read a line out of a play. Please check it out!
Vacation Slides!
Updated 01/31/2001
Some pics from my recent vacation...
My Class Show
Updated 10/26/2000
Clips from my improv show-- the whole show is now online!
My Apartment
Updated 6/20/2000
Pics of my place. I used to have more, but they got deleted. And this place hasn't been this clean in months...
My Car
Updated 7/19/2000
It's blue. It's fast. It's topless. No, it's not Mystique from the X-Men movie, it's just my wheels.
My Rules of Driving
Updated 7/24/2001
Ever wonder how much time you really save/lose based on your speed? Click here!
A lot of people seem to leave their brains at home when they go out driving. Here's some tips on how to not be one of them.
My Resume Because I hate forgetting what machine I left it on...
Sign my Guestbook
I realize that not all of you can tell me in person that you checked out my page, so now you can do it electronically!
Gratuitous pictures of me looking horrible 66% of the time
Me at the end of a project from hell while at Ticketmaster. Decided if I grew the beard, that was 5 minutes longer I could sleep in the morning... My offical staff pic for Digital Entertainment Network. Probably the best pic of me ever taken, although ironically I was trying to hide this huge zit on the side of my face... More TM silliness-- we hated our boss's goatee, so everyone that could (and obviously I was trying and failing...) grew a goatee, and we all refused to shave em til he shaved his. Of course, after three weeks, wives weren't sleeping with their husbands, babies weren't recognizing their fathers, and half of us wanted to rip the things off with our bare hands. We gave in first.
Yes, Virginia, I am a Star Wars freak.

Me waiting on line to see Episode 2 in digital at the Mann Chinese in Hollywood. I wonder what exactly they meant by "no cutting."

I warned you about the Haloween outfit. But you had to come back and look for it, didn't you?

The little stud in the picture is my programming buddy Miro. You can check out his web site here.

Disclaimer-- he's not my kid. Although I steal him from his mom so often that you might think he is.
His mom made the logo at the top of the page. Thanks Lainie!

My two cats, Mocha (the all black cat) and Tseli (the fat cat).
Tseli weighs around 17 pounds.

Funny how scans of photgraphs of black cats look like blobs.

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