I gotta get a cam; it doesn't even look like this any more, but what the heck:

My living room, loft view(43K) Gives a little bit better view of the size of the living room.

My living room, part 1(37K) I may move the TV and stereo to the loft, haven't decided yet. If so, expect a couch under the posters.

My living room, part 2(39K) Convenient how the couch fit perfectly next to the staircase, huh? Also note the incredible job of correctly exposing the picture so that the walls remained white while the outside kept all it's original detail. (Ok note that I know how to use photoshop a little bit...)

The cat is Mocha.

My bedroom (20K) No, I don't make the bed. It's actually a little smaller than the office, but there's no neighbors on this side...

Close-up of the posters(23K) Probably a copyright problem here, but this is sort of what they look like and how I hung them. They look much cooler when I'm not shooting from an extreme angle to avoid reflections...

My cat Tseli in the batroom sink(87K) A horrible scan, but a cute cat, huh?