Jim's Home Theater

This definitely qualifies for the ugliest web page I've made since, oh, '94, but I wanted to get something done so you could all know what was up.

Right now, the main thing is the Project Diary, where I'm pretty much detailing the whole thing-- how I got started, why I made certain decisions, what's changed, etc. It's long as hell, but I tried to make it entertaining where I could. Or you can just look at the pretty pictures.

I'm also going to put up pages for all the relevant pieces of the project with specs & pictures, and I'll drop in the spreadsheet where I'm tracking the costs associated with the project. But that will come later.

Project Diary The story of my home theater-- how I got started, where I'm at, and where I'm going with it.
FINALLY Updated 5/13/06

Current Timeline:

Week 1, Nov 28th:

  • Buy receiver, determine if I can get HD signal- COMPLETED
  • Order projector- COMPLETED

    Week 2, Dec. 5th:

  • Find audio solution- COMPLETED
  • Order screen material- COMPLETED
  • Order couch- COMPLETED

    Week 3, Dec 12th:

  • Build screen- COMPLETED
  • Research end tables, lampsCOMPLETED

    Week 4, Dec 19th:

  • Rewire and tune audio setup- COMPLETED
  • Add pages to web site detailing products used in theater

    Week 5, Dec 26th

  • Purchase rugs- COMPLETED
  • Make web page not suck any more

    Week 6, Jan 2nd:

  • Get all junk out of loft- COMPLETED
  • Complete first phase of couch platform- COMPLETED

    Week 7, Jan 9th:

  • Couch projected to arrive- IN PROGRESS- Funky Sofa's says that it will be here during Week 8

    Week 8, Jan 16th:

  • Begin apartment cleanup!

    Week 9, Jan 23rd:

  • Purchase tables & lamps- COMPLETED
  • Add skirt to couch platform- COMPLETED

    Week 10, Jan 30th:

    Week 11, Feb. 6th-- GAME DAY