About 5 months ago, I started taking improv classes at L.A. Theatresports.
At the end of the second series of classes, we put on a show for our friends and some members of the company.
Over the coming week or two, I will be adding additional clips to the page, so keep checking back.

Before downloading anything:


You won't be able to see the video until you do this! Trust me!

  • The reason you can't see the faces in some of the shots isn't due to the compression of the video, it's because I never used the video camera that I shot the show with before, and it overexposed everything. Sorry! I've figured out the problem and the next show will look better :)

  • Please give the performers your feedback in our guestbook!

Thanks to:

  • Lisa Frederickson, our teacher, for all the extra time she put in with us-- we couldn't have done it without you!

  • Everyone at L. A. Theatresports for their encouragement and support

  • All of our friends and guests who came out to support us!

Clip Name Time Size Players
Introduction 2:10 7.3 MB
3.9 MB
Blind Freeze Tag 4:46 23.8 MB
10.9 MB
Word at a Time Story 3:00 7.5 MB
4.3 MB
Nick and Juan
Marriage Proposal in the Middle Ages 2:33 7.1 MB
3.9 MB
Jen and Jim
Marriage Proposal in the Sixties 2:47 8.7 MB
4.6 MB
Steve, Tori, and Jim
Marriage Proposal in the Future 1:30 7.1 MB
3.9 MB
Myra and Carol
Typewriter Story 5:50 18.6 MB
9.5 MB
Diane, Nick, Swi, Tori, Carol, Carmen, Myra, and Juan
Creating Where's: A Swamp 1:02 2.8 MB
1.6 MB
Carmen, Jim, Nick, Tori, Myra, and Swi
Creating Where's: A Brothel 0:37 1.5 MB
.9 MB
Jen, Steve, Diane, Carol, and Juan
Tag-Team Monologue 4:54 14.3 MB
8.0 MB
Steve, Carmen, Tori, and Swi
Extreme Characters: Itchy Slut and Compulsive Gambler 3:49 12.1 MB
5.5 MB
Jen and Nick
Pop-Up Storybook 3:59 9.4 MB
5.4 MB
Carol, Diane, Tori, and Jim
Scenes From Nothing #1 2:38 6.4 MB
3.3 MB
Diane, Jim, and Nick
Scenes From Nothing #2 3:22 11 MB
4.9 MB
Swi, Carol, Myra, and Jim
Stimulus/Response 7:04 26 MB
13.2 MB
Diane, Juan, Tori, and Nick
Word at a Time Advice to the Couple 2:17 12.3 MB
5.4 MB
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